Festival of the Lion King

Camp Minnie-Mickey, Animal Kingdom Park

  • Land: Camp Minnie-Mickey
  • Type: Show
Where: Camp Minnie-Mickey
Experience: Live Theater, Indoor

Festival of the Lion King brings the familiar characters of the Disney animated classic film The Lion King from the movie screen to an action-packed stage at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. This scheduled 30-minute big-as-Broadway live show combines the pageantry of a parade with a tribal celebration. Through music featured in the film, high-energy dances, and even fire juggling, Disney Characters Timon, Simba, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Zazu, Mufasa and more team up with a traveling band of "African tribal performers" to tell the tale of a lion cub who can't wait to be king.

The show is presented inside an enclosed theater in Camp Minnie Mickey. Guests sit in four sections, each designated with an animal name: Warthog, Elephant, Giraffe and Lion. Guests are asked to make a noise corresponding to their animal at certain times during the show and children are sometimes pulled out of the audience to dance.The show is hosted by four performers dressed in costumes inspired by traditional African dress. Each has a Swahili name: Kiume (meaning "masculine and strong"), Nakawa (meaning "good-looking"), Kibibi (meaning "princess"), and Zawadi (meaning "the gift").

The most popular live show at Disney's Animal Kingdom is found at the Campside Circle.The "Festival of the Lion King" is a virtual explosion of colors, music and amazing talent.You will be treated to 30 minutes of a variety of some of Disney's best entertainment in this celebration.You'll hear some of "The Lion King's" most popular music performed by magnificent singers.Zany trampoline acrobatics are supplied by the Tumble Monkeys.A blaze of color, feathers, beads, fringe and beautiful head-dresses are found in the costumes of the singer and dancers.Talented stilt walkers dance to the pounding beat with apparent ease.Audio-animatronic and live costumed characters are introduced on enormous moving stages.The spectacular finale includes a heart-stirring rendition of the "Circle of Life".

Touring Tips

  • Festival of the Lion King is performed in an air-conditioned theater-in-the-round with stadium seating that seats 1450 guests in four sections of metal benches that surround the stage.
  • During the Festival of the Lion King show, you're encouraged to be part of the action. Each of the 4 sections around the stage takes turns acting like a giraffe, a warthog, a lion or an elephant.
  • You will find line-ups to get into this popular show for most of the day.Outside lines are in un-shaded areas with little ventilation.
  • Best times to see this are the first or last show of the day. If you show up half an hour before the next Festival of the Lion King show, chances are you will be waiting for the show that follows to be seated.
  • Kids love the show! There is even an opportunity for your child to join the performers and dance around the stage.


  • It is currently the longest-running attraction at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The shows in Disney's Animal Kingdom and Hong Kong Disneyland are different, though similar in many respects.
  • The story of the movie is not followed, being replaced instead with a show of songs from the movie and other sources. This is combined with aerobatics performed by the Tumble Monkeys, a group of performers dressed in orange monkey costumes. The cast also performs annually for the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade which is filmed at the Magic Kingdom and is broadcast on Christmas Day on ABC.


A soundtrack CD was released in 2001, titled "Festival of The Lion King (Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World)"

  1. Circle of Life - 1:40
  2. I Just Can't Wait to Be King - 2:40
  3. Hakuna Matata - 2:04
  4. Tumble Monkeys (Sing, Sing, Sing/Playmates/Snake Charmer/Caravan/Hakuna Matata/Yes! We Have No Bananas/Hawaiian War Chant) - 3:56
  5. Be Prepared - 3:00
  6. Can You Feel the Love Tonight/Circle of Life (Medley) - 4:45
  7. The Lion Sleeps Tonight - 2:28
  8. Celebration Finale (Hakuna Matata/Can You Feel the Love Tonight/Be Prepared/I Just Can't Wait to Be King/Circle of Life) - 3:45
  9. Circle of Life (Bows) - 0:34
  10. I Just Can't Wait to Be King (Instrumental Reprise) - 2:34

Touring Details

  • Best: Before 11am, after 5pm

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